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Mutsumi Minoshima
Musicum Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer
GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) COUNCIL MEMBER(J-Pops)

•Managed, directed and produced musical events, concerts and internet radio production in Japan.
•Artist management, CD/DVD production, development and marketing
•Japan music tours coordination and production

Work Experience

2017 - Commentator of music of the radio music program, artist information.
Director (actor, acting guidance of model)
2016 - Composition of image song of Japanese restaurant. Used on radio.
Start appearing as a navigator of radio music programs.
2015- Music video production for J-Rock artist IITHAN (Summer bird)
Screenwriter / Script/ Production/ Executive Producer
2014- Executive producer for Japanese instrumental rock music production.
Coordinated national release and CD distribution.
2012-2013- Researched developed, and executed internet radio delivery of Tokyo Musicum radio station.
2011- Worked on a national CD release project in coordination with Sony music group and File Co., Ltd. (Distribution) and others.
2010- Worked on lyrics projects for J-pop songs (released nationally the following year).
2009- Produced a Japanese music information program broadcast in the U.S. Was in charge of production, consulting, and bookings for Japanese guest artists.
2007- Produced J-Rock band "shiva". Managed production, and performed as executive producer.
2006- Established Musicum Co.,Ltd. Created a music program for a local TV station, and produced a children’s animation program.
2004- Started a (self-employed) independent music production business called “Planning Convenience”.

□The company label circulation: MUSICUM RECORDS
□Music production duties
□Company music channel production and delivery
□Picture in the promotion, DVD, production of the musical piece, the management
□Event about the music, production, plan, artist booking
□Artist, talent request, dispatch
□Promotion for media and recordmakers and produce
□Music master produce of the artist
□CD production, DVD production, the circulation
□Music business consultant
□Musician, singer, management of the songwriter position production
□Delivering Internet radio "Tokyo musicum station”
□Corporate advertising Production and delivery